Cerebrovascular Microneurosurgery

Step by step demonstration of frequently applied approaches in cerebrovascular microsurgery


Definitely the best chance to practice the techniques of microsurgery and microanastomosis

Endonasal Endoscopic Surgery

From classic midline surgery to expanded endonasal approach: anatomical dissection and live surgery

Sulci, Gyri, Ventricle & Fiber dissection

Basic and advanced, from medial to lateral, the panoramic view of brain anatomy and fiber dissection

Aesculap Academy

Aesculap Academy’s seminar and training programme comprises courses and training measures in accordance with the principles of “Continuing Medical Education” and “Continuous Professional Development” (CME / CPD).

Since April, 2016, we are in partnership with Aesculap Academy, and our courses become part of the global educational programme of the Aesculap Academy.

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Microsurgical Technique of Symptomatic Intracavernous aneurysm


Featured Instructor

Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil

Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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